UEFA Euro 2024, 14 Jun - 14 Jul hosted by Germany

UEFA Euro 2024

Getting Started

Compete against friends and family in the UEFA Euro 2024 football predictor and watch each other advance up the leaderboard. This site is free from advertising and there is no joining fee required. This is a free and fun football predictor designed for your enjoyment. Make use of the joker in each group to make the enjoyment even more fun.

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Getting Points

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UEFA Euro 2024 Predictor
Compete against friends and family in the UEFA Euro 2024 football predictor and watch each other advance up the leaderboard.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to get you started:

  1. Register / Log In
  2. Add Predictions
    1. Rejoin League
    2. Join League
    3. Create League

Only registered players can create predictions, join or create leagues. Players can be members of multiple leagues.

Competition Format

Predictor Rules

  1. You will receive 3 points for a correct score.
  2. You will receive 1 point for a correct result.
  3. Jokers applied to a game will double the points.
  4. Jokers can be used once per group.
  5. Your prediction for the Knockout phase will include extra time, but not penalties.
  6. You will receive extra points for the final game if you correctly predict the tournament winner.
  7. Leaderboard: If players finish level on points, then the player with most Correct Score points will finish higher, followed by Correct Result points, Joker points, Final points, Third-Place points, Semi-Final points, Quarter-Final points and then Last-16 points.


  1. Players compete together in a league. Only players who are members of the league will appear on the league leaderboard.
  2. Standings Simulator: watch the group standings update when you input your predictions. If the group standings does not look quite how you think it is going to turn out, go back and tweak your predictions.
  3. Group phase predictions can be visible or hidden, it is the decision of the league owner.
  4. Players are prevented from seeing other players knockout phase predictions until games have kicked off.
  5. Players may modify their predictions up until each game kicks off.
  6. Leagues are created and joined in your profile section.
  7. Players can set themselves as private so they will only appear in private leagues. (They will not be seen on the overall leaderboard).
  8. Players can modify their tournament winner prediction up until the last 16 kicks off.

UEFA Euro 2024

More Features

  1. The knockout games are only populated with teams once the group phase winners are known. Do not think of this website as you would a spreadsheet. You do not just put your predictions in at the start and forget about them. You keep coming back and modifying your predictions depending on who qualified and team form. After all, that is the big advantage of having all your predictions centralised in one place. That being said, you can still input your knockout predictions even if the teams are unknown.
  2. The league owner can set his league up as a sweepstake. It will be the league owners responsibility to collect the joining fee from the league players.
  3. Joining Fee Tracker: Keep track of who has paid their sweepstake joining fee. Players who have not paid their joining fee, will appear on the league leaderboard with this icon next to their name.
  4. The league owner can remove unwanted players from their league.
  5. Sweepstake information is viewed via the league Leaderboard.
  6. A sweepstake can only be used in a private league.
  7. Leagues can be made private (password protected) to stop unwanted players from joining.
  8. Only league members can see their league.
  9. Players can be members of multiple leagues.
  10. Predictions can be made for weeks in advance.
  11. Jokers are only locked once the joker game has kicked off, otherwise jokers can freely be moved.
  12. Information on how to set up all these features can be found in the help section.
  13. Any questions, my gmail address is in the footer.